As a demo for ECHO conference, I’m releasing the very first version of MediaElement.js which aims to do something new in the HTML5 world. All HTML5 video players out there today have the following behavior.

  1. HTML5 video player for HTML5 enabled browsers
  2. Completely separate Flash player for other browsers

Instead, MediaElement.js is a set of Flash and Silverlight plugins that implement the HTML5 MediaElement API spec. So instead of using Flash as a fallback, MediaElement.js uses Flash as a fallforward that mimics HTML5 for older browsers. Here’s how MediaElement.js works:

  1. Upgrade all browsers to HTML5 spec
  2. Build a player on top of the common framework

Here’s what’s happening

The added bonus to this approach is that it levels the codec playing field. In addition to adding HTML5 to IE and other older browsers, this approach also adds H.264 to Firefox and Opera, and when Flash gains WebM capability, it will be able to add WebM to Safari.

Hope you enjoy it!